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Working Mum Six Months Reflection

Working mum six months Reflection. Hey guys, I hope you are well. Three months ago, I wrote my Working Mum 3 Months Reflection. In today’s post, I am going to share my six-monthly reflections as a working single mum. I cannot believe it’s been six months that I have been working. It doesn’t feel like time has gone that far. I feel proud that I have been able to keep a job as a single mother and still be myself. You hear stories from other single parents, and they all have something negative to say. However, now, I still don’t understand where the struggle comes from. Maybe as times goes on, things might change. As for now, things are great.

Working Mum Six Months Reflection

Is What I Do Worth While?

Definitely yes. There are days when I feel like I am wasting my time just because it’s not busy. However, there are some days when it’s like complete madness. Phone’s ringing, trying to complete a form, visitors waiting to be attended to, all at the same time. And it’s stressful because this is a job where every little details matter. FOR EXAMPLE, if I make a mistake, a missing number in a client’s contact number or wrong spelling of a client’s name could cause a disaster for everyone.

Do I Enjoy My Job?

Yes and no. The thing is, when I am working, I want to feel like I am working. Do you understand me? I want to be able to use my brain all the time and come home really tired. The fact that it’s not as busy as I had hoped makes me feel a bit disappointed, like I am just wasting my time. However, I think this is because the company has worked hard to establish a well-organised service to its clients over the last 100+ years. So everything is all set up and ready.

Am I Learning?

Yes, I am, and it hurts me that I am not learning as much as I want to. I want to be involved in the company’s heart and understand what the solicitors do in court. Working here has now inspired me to go to college to practice Law. Which is something I never thought I would want to do because it requires a lot of reading and brainstorming? I hate reading tons of books, and I can’t even finish a book without yarning, let alone tons of books. I am more of a practical-style learner. Just watching what everyone is doing in the office gets me excited, and I want to be a part of it.

Am I Well Paid?

Money is not a problem. It covers the bills but doesn’t cover anything else. However, this is because I only work part-time. And things are costly but affordable. So every month, I try to stick to a budget. But then, something always pops up. And it does my heading because I am trying to live on a tight budget.

Do I Get On With My Colleagues?

Yes, I do. I think the fact that they are mature, they do look after me because I am the baby. My colleagues are probably over 50s, and I turn 30 in May, so there is an age gap difference. Despite being the baby, I feel respected and have some understanding between myself and my colleagues.

Am I Empowered To Be Creative And Do Things My Way?

I have realised that the company has some stringent rules that they must carry out accordingly. However, I have the freedom to be creative when practising the controls. For example, I have to note down every single phone call made in a logbook, which must include the solicitor’s name, the client name and telephone number for the clients to be contacted. I then have to send an email to the solicitors with those details to find it in the record and easier to find for future references.

How I do that, ’s up to me because sometimes, in the middle of sending an email, there is a phone call that I must take. At first, I did not understand why I should do that. I thought it was time-wasting. I soon realise how important this was when I forgot to collect the client’s contact details and the solicitor was willing to contact him. So we spent s30 minutes looking for and going through the client’s file to get his number. Yup, Lesson learned.

What has been my best experience at work

I am would say the best experience I have had at work would be when my boss is not around. When he’s not around, I can think clearly and focus on what I am doing. For some reason, he doesn’t seem to understand that this is my first time working in an office environment. And I notice he is always grumpy about something and wants things to get done in a certain way. If I make a tiny mistake – all hell will break loose.

What has been my worst experience at work?

It was tranquil at work. I was meant to collect every caller information, and when my boss came around asking for the logbook. I showed it to him, and he was shocked there were only three phone calls. About 5 mins later my boss called and gave me a task to do for him. While doing that, I have had 4 or 5 phone calls coming in and three visitors – all at once. And I’m trying to find this information for him so he won’t call back three the third time to get the correct information from me. The whole thing was a disaster. All this happens in the space of 15 mins. My multi-tasking skills were on point, though.

Is My Work/Life Balance Acceptable?

Oh yes, I am balanced. I am now getting bored of being at home in the first two days of the week, and I was thinking of getting myself busy with a part-time course or maybe another job. I still have more time to spend with my daughter and help her with homework and stuff. Perhaps I shouldn’t complain because it’s great that I still have time to relax and blog.

I hope you have enjoyed this reflection. I know I have. It has been a very fulfilled six months. I hope it continues like this and maybe some new changes for my following reflection.

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  • Kelly Martin

    It’s great to hear that your job is going well. It’s good that you still have time to spend with your daughter and work on your blog as well.

  • Melanie

    I love this such an honest and open reflection for sure. It is such a good thing that you get on with your colleagues x

  • s

    Feel so happy for you Sonia. It’s good to see that things are going well. Bosses are difficult at times and especially when they look and act grumpy. I am sure you will as you go along manage him well. Work life balance is so essential. Best wishes.

  • Smita

    I’m so happy that things are going so great with you! I understand your frustration about not being busy at work – I feel the same way at times, and wonder if I’m really earning what I am being paid.

  • Jarid

    What a great and honest reflection! I had to do some reflecting of my own to make sure my work/home balance was a healthy relationship. I’m thankful I did that, because it made me take notice of changes that needed to take place to provide a better atmosphere for my family and I. Keep up the great work!

  • Despite Pain

    It sounds like it’s working out fine for you. I know you’d like to do more, but that might come.

    I had a wee laugh when you wrote about the 15 minutes of everything happening at one. Isn’t that always the way it goes? Nothing happens, then everything happens at the same time.

  • Britt K

    The fact that your employer gives you some freedom to use your creativity and find better solutions and ways of handling situations as long as you’re working within their rules is great. Not all employers are willing to accept and embrace the unique skills of their employees in this way. Congratulations on what sounds like a great job.

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