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Working Mum 3 Months Reflection

Working mum 3 months reflection. Hey everyone, I hope you are well. It’s been 3 months since I started a new journey as a working mum. I thought it was time to do another reflection on how I am getting on. First of all, I can not believe it’s been three months already! Like I can say I am a working single mum. It feels so surreal to say that I am working.

Not going to lie, there have been some challenges, but I always try to sort things out and move on and focus on the positive sides of things.

Is What I Do Really Worth While?

To be honest, yes it is. It’s good that I am working, and not just sitting at home and watch my life pass me by. However, it does get very quiet in the office and I get very bored. I think I need to find some creative ways to keep me accompanied in the office when I am bored.

Do I Enjoy My Job?

Yes, I do. I enjoy being in an office environment and I love the fact that it is not a challenging/demanding position. And I can go home with peace of mind.

Am I Learning?

Yes, I am. I have seen some personal developments in my confidence to speak out. Although I am qualified for the job, I do find myself explored to develop the skills I already have. I think confidence is the key and being able to speak the public whether on the telephone or face to face is something I am not fully confident with, that is due to my disability.

Does This Job Lead To Somewhere I Want To Go?

Yes, it does. I want to run my own company in the future, so being around Solicitors and watching how they do their things makes me feel empowered. I am watching ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ on NetFlix because of the job. We have a criminal lawyer who I sometimes do some administrative work for, and it’s interesting to see how things go down.

Am I Well Paid?

For the responsibilities I have, yes I am well paid. My first pay in September was low, only because I just started a few weeks before and I spent some of the money on a 3nights trip to Edinburgh. However, in October I had the full pay. I was so happy with it and I managed to secure an apartment with it.

Do I Get On With My Colleagues?

I work with mature people, so I hardly have anything to communicate with them. I am the youngest and its a small team. So even though I try to say something funny, I feel they never have the time to socialise. I think everyone just wants to get things done and go home. Which is what I like, however, it will be nice to feel excited about going to work. Other than that, we all get on well at work. But if you’re asking me if I see myself having a night out or lunch with any colleagues, I would be uncomfortable.

Am I Empowered To Be Creative And Do Things My Way?

Yes and no. The company have strict rules and ways of how they operate. However, I am disabled, and I learn differently, so the company allow me to do things that may make things easier for me. For example, I created a telephone sheet template, where I use it to take down names, messages and telephone number. The telephone number is important and the most tricky part because I need 11 numbers and sometimes either I or the client forgets the number of missed out one number. With the telephone sheet, it is easier to spot it out.

Is My Work/Life Balance Acceptable?

Yes, it does. As a single mum, spending time with my daughter is very important to me, so working 3 days a week has been wonderful. I can take my daughter to school in the morning at 7:30 am to a breakfast club that is based in the school. She has her breakfast and takes part in activities and then go to her class at 9 am when the school starts. After school, she’ll be taken to the Afterschool Club, again, she’ll have some snacks and play with her friends until I pick her after work at 6 pm. It’s a long day for a child but she enjoys the clubs.

Do I Feel Supported?

Yes, I do. The company have been supporting me by providing help when needed. My hearing difficulty has been an issue since I started but I am so grateful that the company is helping me to get the right equipment sorted. I also have support from a non-profit organisation who calls in to check how I am getting on. It is nice to have someone who cares enough to ask you how you getting on.

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