Top 3 Goals You Need To Set In 2020

Top 3 goals you need to set in 2020. Hey everyone, I hope you are all well, In today’s post, I am going to the 3 goals you need to set in 2020. With my 30th birthday being exactly a month away today and with everything that is going on around the world, made me realise that Life is incredibly too short. I am currently re-setting my goals for the year. Not necessarily changing anything but making sure that I create space for the most important in my life.

Yes, we all have our big dreams, ambitions and sets our goals to achieve the things we desire, and that shouldn’t change. However, we must think about how are going to get to where we want to. If you are a beginner in setting goals, let this be a guide to start. If you are thinking of re-setting your goals, like me, let this be a guide to help point out what’s important and what is not.

Top 3 Goals You Need To Set In 2020

Improve Your Physical Health

How in the world are you going to reach any goals with bad health? Remember when you had that cold, fever or aching back?  Were you in any kind of mood to work on your life goals? I don’t think so. But when you start eating healthy and working out, all kinds of energy comes flooding in and whether it’s painting a room or starting a business, good physical health makes goals much easier to attain. So get off your butt and start taking care of your body. Good things will follow. Goals will be reached.

Improve Your Mental Health

Living in a culture that bombards us with information, advertisements and infinite choice, as well as inflicting us with downsizing and other incredible job stressors, is taking a huge negative toll on our societies health. We are living in an age of chronic stress. All these stressors create enormous mind chatter and reducing this mind chatter is key. It’s important to realize that this mind chatter takes us away from the present moment.

We end up worrying instead of enjoying the world around us. Try this. Take a grape and pop it in your mouth. Roll it around and feel the texture – taste that sweet juice. This is called practising mindfulness. Living in the present moment. Conscious reflection. Meditation. The more you can reduce that useless mind chatter, the more you live in the present moment and experience calmness and peace. A little conscious reflection or meditation is astonishingly powerful. Try it.

Improve Your Financial Health

Money makes our world go around. We like money. There is nothing wrong with money. Money is our friend. The only time that money inflicts pain upon us is when we owe it. And why do we owe it? Because we live beyond our means because it is easy to get credit and because our entire capitalistic society is on a treadmill of endless consumerism. Having good finances means freedom, control and increased opportunity. Bad finances provide handcuffs, stress, worry and no opportunity. So the choice is clear. Forget about status symbols and keeping up with the neighbours. It’s simple when it comes down to good financial health. Live within your means. That’s it. Let me repeat myself. Live with your means.

I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Stay Safe everyone

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