The Month Of Love

Happy New Month Guys! We are in February, and I am so happy because now we can (if you haven’t already) all start working towards our goal for the year.  February is a very exciting month in my life and I want to share my goal for this month.

First thing’s first, Its Sasha-Ann birth month. My beautiful little girl is hitting a milestone by turning 5 years old! 5 years old you guys. I have been very emotional since the start of the year. My baby girl is now growing up. We will be celebrating her 5 birthday next week.

Here’s what is in store for the rest of February:

  • Valentine’s season…Love is in the air
  • Start of Block 2 of college
  • Start working experience (I am super excited to start)
  • Continue Job Search.
  • 10 new posts this month.

That’s it for the month of February guys.

Have you got goals for February?

Comment below.





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