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Success Is Just A Matter Of Time

Success Is Just A Matter Of Time. Hey everyone, I hope you are well. We are getting ready for Christmas!! I am very excited. In today’s post, I will be explaining you should remember Success is just a matter of time. With everything 2020 has been for every living being on earth, I think we all deserve to have a great day to spend with our families and loved one. Christmas will be different for everyone. For some of us, we are mourning of the loss of a loved one, some of us are celebrating with our families. So no matter how you celebrate Christmas this year, please take every moment in and count your blessings.

I know y’all are worried about the new year. Me too. However, I think it is important for us to try and have peace of mind and try to find a way to make life much easier for yourselves.

Success Is Just A Matter Of Time

There is a great quote that goes “Time is God’s way of keeping everything from happening at once” and perhaps this is key to our understanding of why things are the way they are.

Time is there for us to experience and through that experience, learn and grow.

Our limited sensory perception allows us only to experience events one at a time. We then memorise these events and from these memories can predict the consequence of certain actions. The concepts of past and future become firmly embedded in our psyche. The problem is that we have been duped into believing they are absolute truths. The mind becomes our driving force, using the time to control our lives!

Instead of fully experiencing the moment and all it has to offer we tend to spend most our lives either dwelling on the past or projecting into the future. Very little mind activity is concerned with the now. Yet, isn’t this the only time things are done? If we are constantly being dragged away from the task at hand by subtle and intrusive time-related thoughts are we not letting the mind control us rather than us control the mind? Isn’t our attention diverted from doing the very best we can do now? Holding onto the past keeps us in our habitual state. Constantly living in the future keeps us from ever getting to the place we dream about.

Lead a Successful Life

There is no doubt that to lead a successful life we should make our dreams big and design a plan of action to get there. We break the hold of our habitual condition by coming into the present and taking the action we know we must take to achieve our dreams. We don’t allow fear to enter our lives because we don’t dwell on future outcomes or what-if scenarios. It is pointless trying to second guess everything. It will only lead to disappointment and failure. We can’t know everything that is going to happen so we should only deal with what does happen.

The degree to which we can alter our circumstances is directly related to how much power the mind has over us. We overcome that power by coming into the present. If you were to observe your thoughts for a moment by shifting into the present, you would notice that you are in fact not your thoughts. How can you be if you are observing them? You are the observer and have full control over that which you can observe. The more we think and act at the moment the easier it becomes for us to control the mind and to transcend the limitations of time.

When we shift from our current state into the present we look through the window of eternity. From out of nowhere comes now and here. The place from which all creativity springs and where we think and do our very best. Success can be found in the present, a gift from God to you.

I hope you enjoyed that post.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.

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