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Self-Care for Single Parents

Self-Care for Single Parents. Hey everyone, I hope doing you are all well and taking this time to enjoy being around your loved ones. Guys, I have an announcement. I am very excited to announce that I, Sonia Seivwright is now a published Author!! I have always wanted to write a book and this is a dream come true. Y’all know how much I love writing and although I am no expert on anything, but now I have written, designed and published an E-book on Amazon called Self-Care For Single Parents.

Self-Care for Single Parents

What is the book about?

Self-Care for Single Parents is a guide to explain different ways you can practice Self-Care no matter what your circumstances are. Whether you are alone and pregnant, a single mum who stay at home or you are a working single mum. This is book will be your guide to practice self-care.

Why did I write a book?

This book was inspired by a previous blog post – ALL ABOUT SELF-CARE in June 2019. I asked a group of single parents on Social media a question about the things they did for Self-Care. The response was quite shocking. Many did not know what I meant by the question. Some said they did not have the time for self-care and others had some jokes about the activity they did for Self-Care. That’s how the book came into life.

I wanted to make help other single parents understand how it’s important to look after themselves and put their well-being as a priority. That way you’ll never really know what you are capable of until you are able to see things in a clear picture with a clear mindset.

How much does the book cost and where can you get it?

Only $3.99 inc VAT on Amazon Kindle. Click Here to get it.

What are you going to get out of it?

This book provides a straight to the point, a much clearer understanding of what self-care really is about. I covered everything from explaining why self-care is important for your mental, physical, diet and social health with examples of self-care activity you can do on a daily basis. Hopefully, after reading the book, you will be able to start planning a suitable plan for your self-care needs that fits around your daily lifestyle.

How do I feel?

I just want to Thank you all for your support on my blogging journey. Blogging has changed my life and there has been so much positivity that has happened. I have made many amazing friends and many reach outs from different companies. I can’t thank you all enough. This is my very First-Ever Book and I really enjoyed writing the book. This is a dream come true. So please show your support and share your experience with me.

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