Our Morning Routine

So I am going to talk about my morning routine as a single mother and student. As you all know, I am a student. And being a student means waking up as early as possible in the morning. Here is my morning routine…

Waking up

Although Sasha sleeps in her own bedroom at bedtime, she still ‘magically’ appears on my bed in the morning. Sometimes I wake up, and I ask myself, ‘How on earth did she get here?’ ‘I am very sure I left you in your bed. So how and why?’

Alarm clocks don’t work anymore, you know what works? Sasha’s voice. Either she’s up playing with her toys, or singing, or I hear ‘Mummy, Mummy, Mummy wake up wake up wake up, its morning.’ I opened my eyes, I check the time, its 6 am!!! Like why why-why?! Just one more hour is all I need! I’d try to be sneaky and close my eyes, pretend to play hide and sleep on her, but she won’t fall for it. ‘Mummy mummy mummy, I am hungry’. Now that’s my wake up call! When your child is hungry, you just got to get up!

Next 2 hrs

I finally get up, run the bath, and brush our teeth. Then made some breakfast – toast and scrambled eggs, with some milk for Sasha and a cup of hot chocolate for myself. After eating, Sasha goes in the bath while I clear the table and dishes. Then go check on Sasha and get her out and get her ready for the day.

Once Sasha’s ready, I place a bowl of fruits on the table and I turn on the telly to keep her occupied while I go get ready. When I get ready, We get our jacket and our bags on and out the door. Take Sasha to Nursery first, give her lots of hugs and kisses. I said ‘I love you baby’ ‘I love you too mummy’ – That voice just melts my heart. Sometimes I leave in tears. I wish her a good day at nursery. and then I head to college.

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