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New Job Reflective Journal

New Job Reflective Journal: Week 1

First of all, welcome to my reflective journal. This reflective journal is about sharing my experience in a new job as a single mother. I will try to make it weekly and short post. In this journal, I will be asking myself some questions about my week, which will then be a good

As you all know by now, I have managed to secure myself a job and not just any job – My Dream Job! If you haven’t read the I Got A New Job post – please go check it out.  I started my new job on the 11 September 2019 as a Receptionist at a Solicitors and Estate Agents firm. I feel so blessed and I wanted to share this new lifestyle of being a working single mum with you guys.

You all know I love to express my feelings through writing and I remember I owned a journal as a teenager where I write about my feelings after the end of each day of school. It made feel better – whether it was a bad day or a great day at school. I always wrote every little detail from what I wore to how I felt about the teachers. It helped me a lot with anxiety. So I thought not to share it with you guys and hope it will inspire others as well.

How Was My First Week At The New Job?

The first week was really good. I think the biggest struggle was getting up early in the morning. The easiest part was going to bed at night.

What Did I Discover New About Myself?

I can be very nervous and worry that things may go wrong. This made me forget about the instructions that were given to me.

How Did I Make Others Feel?

I think I made my colleagues feel a bit nervous too. Almost as stressed out as I was because I could not remember instructions.

What was The Best Thing That Happened To Me This Week?

I am deaf with both ears and I wear hearing aids. Which made things difficult when answering the telephone and actually hearing what was being said. However, I managed to answer not all but some phone calls and pick up on what was said.

What Made Me Particularly Proud or Grateful?

I am grateful that the company have patience with me and are not putting pressure on me.

How Much Stress Did I Experience?

A lot of stress. Waking up Sasha to get ready for school, organising pack lunches, checking my watch constantly because I do not want to be late for work. Answering the telephone at work, some of the clients were losing patience with me and almost being a bit rude. It made me feel very sad.

What Made Me Smile?

Making progress with the telephone calls and having a chat with my colleagues at the tea break and Seeing my daughter’s happy face when I picked her up from school after work.

Did I Do Something That Was Out My Comfort Zone?

Waking up super early to get my daughter to school, making packed lunches which, by the way, I need some healthy inspiration, and I stayed calm when I was being criticized at work.

New Job Reflection Journal: What Can I Do Better Next Week?

  • Takedown notes for instructions
  • Try to stay calm on the telephones calls
  • Ask for more clarity
  • Sleep early to wake up early

Although, I had difficulty with the phone calls. I felt the first week at a new job on my own was not too bad. I know I will make some improvements and I am really keen to learn as I work. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and come back next week.


    • Alyssa

      Congrats on the new job! New jobs always take time to adjust. I’m glad the company is very patient with you! I used to be a receptionist myself and I remember hearing answering the phone, it was my least favorite part. But it does get easier! Good luck!

  • Betsy Carter

    Congratulations on your new job! I think it’s fantastic that you are writing about your unique experiences. It can be so freeing to let go of anything that makes you feel weighed down. It sounds like you have a plan to deal with any obstacles that get in your way. Change can be hard. Keep pushing forward! : )

  • The Sunny Side Lifestyle Co.

    Congratulations on the new job! Know that we all struggle when entering new experiences. Your insight and personal reflection are going to help you succeed. It takes a strong person to look back and analyze what they did well and what can be improved. Journaling as related to a new job is a great suggestion for others starting a new position. Best of luck, you’ve got this!

  • Smita

    Congratulations on your job and the great progress you’re making! Great idea to write this journal – hope we continue to read more and more positive things on it going ahead. Good luck!

  • Lene Andersen

    Congratulations on your new job and on making it through the first week, always the hardest! It can be a real challenge to start a new job for anyone, but when you have a disability, there are some extra tough spots. Sounds like you managed to get through it not just in one piece, but also with a plan for how to blast through the barriers.

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