My 18th Birthday

My 18th birthday was one of the most memorable birthday ever. I was normally a 1 drink type of girl (still is).

Yes, yes, yes I know, you guys think I am lying right?

However, on my 18th, I decided to get drunk. My friends and I decided to go clubbing – which off-course was the only way to celebrate because I am now legal to get into clubs. There’s nothing stopping me!!

We decided to have drinks at a friend’s house and then hit the clubs. In the club, I decided to drink anything i can get my hands on – shots, beers, cocktails. I was feeling good, I looked good. Got guys buying me drinks, more drinks, and lots of flirting! Oh and dancing off-course.

So the night ended and it was time to go home. I think we planned to stay over at a friend’s house. We got home, more drinks and I went to bed, then suddenly I started feeling nauseous, my head banging, my body shaking because it was cold and then I VOMITED!! It was disgusting, I felt ashamed of myself, I started crying etc. My lovely friends were there to look after me, they even clean my mess up – Now that’s what true friendship is about! 🙂 Thanks guys!

The next morning, room was stinking, my friends was telling how it went down the previous night and I was in disbelief. Like seriously, ME? Sonia? Hell No!

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