May 2019 Recap

Well, here is another monthly recap – May 2019. I know I have not done a recap post in a while, but May has been a very good month. I have really enjoyed this month.

Here are May events

Last but not least, I have been working on setting up a bakery company. It’s called Sonia Bakes Cakes. I love baking, I’d rather bake than cook. Recently, I was having a chat with my mum about everything and anything regarding life. And we decided to set up a bakery business. It’s still in the very early stage and we are taking things very slow. However, I am very excited about this project, it’s a journey that I feel it will help improve my personal development.

The reason I want to share this journey with you guys is that I feel, this my blog, Life With Sonia. And this blog is based on my life as a single mother, and my mission is to inspire and influence other single mums and show that being a single parent can be a good thing. Yes, it is very hard, challenging and exhausting but it also motivates you to do bigger and better things for you and your child.

As a parent, you want to work hard to make sure your child has a better future, especially as single parents. Going back to College to further my education was a great idea, I don’t regret it but I feel its not enough. I have some much ideas for little side hustle business that I can start, only if I have some support.

So look out for upcoming posts on the process of starting setting up Sonia Bakes Cakes.

Thank you all so much for the comments on this month’s posts.

See you all in June

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