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Life As A Single Mum, Full-Time Student and Working Part-time

Life as a single mum, full-time student and working part-time. Hey guys, how are we all today? In today’s post, I want to talk about Life as a single mother, full-time student and working part-time. And of course How I handled it. So basically, how I stayed organised and completed my 2 years course at college.

If you don’t know, I decided to go back to studies in 2017 when my daughter was 3 years old. Despite being a single mother with no support from anywhere, I had to look around at my lifestyle and I decided I want to do better for my daughter. I wanted her to be proud of me and show her that it doesn’t matter what situation you find yourself in, remember you are the one in the driver seat.  Trust me, it was not easy at all, but it was worth it.

Life As A Single Mum, Full-Time Student and Part-time Job


To even apply for college, I had to change my mindset. I had a lot of doubt that I am going to be a good mother and how the situation was filled with so much negativity, I completely felt useless and worried that there was no way out. However, I still decided to go and seek help. The rest is history. You must have a clear and focus mindset. Your either in until the end of your out. More important you must be a little open to other options too just in case your plans did not work.


I already knew what I wanted and I had a very determined mindset and was ready to do whatever it takes. I took some time to plan out how things were going to go, made up Plan A, B, C, D, E etc. When I was student, I had a diary and was constantly looking at it and making changes as things changes as well. For example, in a week I had 3 days at college, an assessment to prepare for, a doctor appointment, a ballet class for Sasha, a meeting with my officer and working part-time at the weekends. It was a lot of work, but I stayed focus with a clear mindset and because of that, I was able to set some priorities.


Although I had many things happening in a week, my daughter was my number one priority. I don’t care if I had class today, if my daughter was sick and there was no one to look after her, I’d stay at home, just like every other parent would. I also made school and work a priority too. In that case, I made certain decisions that will affect my ability from staying focus on what I was doing.


Not going to lie, there were sometimes that I felt less motivated. Especially when I was struggling with understanding course work and having low finance. However, I self-motivate myself by reminding myself of why I am doing this, and I watched motivational videos on YouTube. I even had to stay up late at night to do some studying, while my daughter was sleeping. Check out Top 5 Tips To Motivate Yourself.

Commitment and Dedication

The fact that Sasha was doing great with her developments at Nursery, it helped me to stay committed to the plan. I showed my dedication to the lifestyle by making sure I turn up in class every day and even the days that I’m off, I would still visit the library to study. I did not have a lot of friends, but that’s okay because I was not there to make friends. When I was struggling with my course work, I asked for help. When I was feeling lonely and wanting to give up, I spoke with my officer from North East Sensory Services. And I just kept going. Next thing you know 1 year has gone, then it was 2 and year had gone by. And now I’m working at a job that I have always dreamt off and my daughter is still healthy and happy. Which was everything I planned for?

Life Single Mum, Full-Time Student, and Part-time Job

The choice is yours. If you want to change your life, there is support out there but you gotta put in work. You got a dream, fight for it, invest your time and energy in it. And always believe that something wonderful is about to happen. Life is hard, but it doesn’t have to hard for you.

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