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January 2019 – Recap

Hello guys, I hope you are all well. We are already at the end of January 2019!! How was your first month of the year? Have you set out goals for the year? Have you started working on the already? If yes, congratulations. I have decided to set goals for every month in everything, including growing the blog, social media, studies, etc and then post a reflection blog at the end of the month. Sounds good right?

Here’s how January went down:

  • Moved my blog from wix.com to wordpress.org
  • Revamped my whole website
  • Connected with other bloggers worldwide
  • Wrapped up Block 1 of college
  • Planned out Sasha’s 5 birthday party
  • Took part in the Trending 10 Challenge
  • Ended a 6-month relationship/dating
  • Got a new look – the Big Chop
  • Had a job interview
  • My aunty in Nigeria took her first ever trip to the U.S.A! Her first time ever leaving the country

Looks like my year started well. I spent most the month at home, at college and just trying getting things sorted for upcoming events. It’s January, and very cold, and we even had some minor snow falls. However, I am looking forward to the rest of the year.

Check out our January mashup video: https://youtu.be/PwTknTIfKoU

How was your January?

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