How Well Does My Daughter Know Me?

How well does my daughter know me? Hey guys, I hope you are well. So recently I interviewed my daughter with 14 questions. Sometimes I wondered how much does my daughter know me. Like she knows I’m her mum but does she really know me? I know it is a bit too much because she’s only 5 years old and I do not expect her to know too much about me either. However, it will be nice to see what she knows about me.

I believe it is important for your child to know who you are, what you like and what you don’t like, because it helps with her development while trying to find her identity. Everything starts at home and if your child does not know who she’s living with then she won’t know who she is.

How Well Does My Daughter Know Me?

What does mummy say a lot?

Can’t remember

What makes mummy happy?

Kisses from me

What makes mummy sad?

When I am not behaving myself

How tall is mummy?


What’s mummy’s favourite thing to do?

Go to work

What is mummy’s favourite food?

Rice and Chicken

What is mummy’s favourite drink?

Orange Juice

If mummy could go anywhere, where would she go?


What is mummy’s favourite tv show?


What is mummy’s favourite music?

She-Ra’s music

What is mummy’s job?

Don’t know

How old is mummy?

Don’t know

What’s is mummy’s favourite colour?

Red and White

How much do you love mummy?

A million

How Did She Do?

Well, Sasha-ann did well. These answers are from her point of view. It’s nice to see how she understands things at this age. When I asked her about the music and tv show, she picked the show we always watch together, She-Ra on Netflix. She knows mummy likes to work but doesn’t know what I do for work.

When I asked about where I would go, she said Edinburgh because we recently visited Edinburgh and I loved it. I am surprised at the fact that she knows mummy does not like it when she misbehaved. Like wow – I was not expecting that. Kids are so funny, they know it what they are doing is wrong but they do it anyway.

Now, I wondered if I really deserved all the whopping I got when I was a child. There are no right or wrong answers here, I’m just happy that she actually pick up on things. Maybe the next time we do this, she’ll have a lot to say.


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