How To Remove Toxic People From Your Life

How to Remove Toxic People from Your Life? Hey everyone, I hope you are well. Have you ever get to a point in your life where you say ‘enough is enough’? ‘I don’t want any more drama in my life and just want to live a simple nice life.’ Well, in today’s post I am going to share 5 ways you can remove toxic people from your life.

How to Remove Toxic People from Your Life?

Accept Them As They Are

The very first point of this topic is to accept toxic people as they are. Accept the fact that they will never change. They may try to convince you that they can change or you are the one who can help them change. However, this is not true because, at the end of the day, Toxic people are only looking out for themselves. Therefore they will do or say anything to cover their tracks. Making excuses, after excuses, lie after lie.

Establish and Maintain Boundaries

Toxic people will go all the way to the moon and back with their negative energy around you if you let them. They will push you to work harder to please them, making you comprise more and more. You have to try to establish boundaries by thinking about what you can take and what you want. Maintain these boundaries by enforcing them when deliberately and rigidly whenever you feel attacked.

Own Your Difficulties and Weaknesses

One of the most common ways toxic people will use against you is exploiting your difficulties and weaknesses. However, you can stop this by owning your difficulties and weaknesses. Which will then become old news to share with others. That way, toxic people will not be given a chance to make themselves feel better by exploiting you.

Choose Your Battles Carefully

One thing I have learnt about toxic people is that are always after a fight. Therefore, it is important for your mental health that you do not argue with them, nor waste time and energy. Do not get involved in fights they started or trying to start. Save that energy for something more important and spending time with the people who care about you.

Surround Yourself With Healthy Relationships

Stay close in contact with people who make you feel safe, cherished and happy will despair Toxic people. The will get jealous and try to win back. Do not let them. The fact they are trying to stop you from being happy means they do not have good intentions for you.

Knowing Who To Cut Off and Who To Be Patient With Is The Best Thing Ever

I hope you enjoy that post. We all have toxic people in our lives. Whether it’s in our family, at work, school, or even our circle of friends. As a single parent, we have a lot on our plate. To be able to see through life healthy and happy, we need to be supported by positive energy around us. That way we can take control of our lives and the people around us.

Welcome to my blog. My name is Sonia Seivwright and I live in Sunny Aberdeen, Scotland. I am a blogger, Content Creator, an Author, a YouTuber and a single parent. I have always considered writing as one of my strongest strength, and it has been a way to express myself better. Single parenting is very hard but it is rewarding. There has been a lot of changes in my life since becoming a mother and there is so much more to come.


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