How to Manage a Busy Schedule

How to manage a busy schedule. Hey everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I am going to share with you simple ways of how to manage a busy schedule and stay sane. If you follow my blogs, you will know that I was a student for 2 years as well as being a single mum and I had a part-time job too. I did all that within 2 years and off course, it was not easy. I explained more in my previous post Life as a Single Mum, Full-Time Student and Part-time Job.

How to Manage a Busy Schedule


Yes, that is the first thing I am going to talk about. I feel setting the right mindset will take you as far as you want to go and beyond. The truth is the mind controls the body. Therefore if you have the right mindset ‘Today is going to be a busy day,’ it will prepare your body for it. Before you do anything or start planning anything, get your mindset right.

Prepare in Advance

For the longest time, I have been told to prepare in advance. Did I listen? No. I was a last-minute rush type of person. For example, if I have an event to attend in 2 weeks, I will leave prepare for it 2 hours before the event start. And then I will be 1hr late. That still happens sometimes but only for events that I don’t care about. However, what I have learnt from preparing in advance is that I have more times in my hands too full fill some unexpected tasks that may just pop up. Nowadays if I have 3 events to attend to in a week, I will make sure I get prepared at least 3 weeks in advance. Laying your outfit the night before the next day helps.

Little Things Matter – Get Them Done First

I remember when Sasha was a baby, and we had a late doctor appointment around 5 PM. Now, we all know that 5 pm is ‘Rush- Hour’. If you have left the house just before or after 5 pm, you will get stuck in traffic and anything can happen during the madness. So to avoid the traffic and missing my appointment, I had to make schedule a taxi at least 2 hours in Advance to get to the hospital within 30 mins – 1 hour early before my appointment. The earlier the better.

You’d rather be 1 hour early than 1 minute late

Keep Your House Clean

I guess you must be thinking, what does keeping the house clean, ought to do with managing a busy schedule. Everything my dear, everything. If you have a clean and well-organised home, you will be able to think straight and find little things easily. This could be things like keys, baby nappies, notepad, and some pennies. These things are little but very important. Also, after a long busy day or you might meet a friend along the way and invite them to your house. It will be nice to come home to a fresh clean house to relax and reflect on.

Have a Lot of Rest

The only way your body and mind can function well during and after your busy times, is if you have a lot of rest. I don’t mean down yourself with Alcohol and sleep (you can if that helps). I meant to sleep, like proper sleep. If you can’t sleep at night, then take a few naps during the day. Use your alarm clock to wake you up. Take a stroll in the evening and just breathe. Drink a lot of water and have light healthy snacks in-between.

Tools You Need

Alarm Clocks

I am guessing we all know what alarm clocks are. If you don’t know, they are clocks that ring out loud to keep you alert and aware of the time, once they are set at a specific time. Alarm clocks come in different shapes and sizes. They are very useful for everyday lifestyle (normally used in the morning) or in a meeting at the workplace. They can be found free on your mobile phone or they can be bought from any stationaries stores.


If you are a very busy person, having a watch is perfect for you. Watches are the perfect tools you need on the go in your daily lives. They are very fashionable to wear too. A lot of designs have been carefully created by professional designers and engineers. You will look very smart and attractive if you wear one.


Diaries are like your personal calendars. Unlike calendars, they come in different formats and styles. Instead of carrying a big A4 size calendar up and about, you can just close your book like a diary and put them in your bag. I personally love Diaries. To be honest, I don’t think I can live without them. They are a life-saving tool that helps you stay on track with your upcoming activities. So for example, if you have a meeting with your managers in 2 weeks’ time at 10 am, you write it down on the date of the meeting. And keep checking regularly. This way, you will not miss your meeting.


I thought planners are the same thing as a diary. However, I soon found out that they are completely different things. Apparently, there are lots of different types of planners. There are Meals Planners, Event Planners, Day-to-Day planers, Goals Planner, the lot. You would think you’d need planners but turn you do because they are very useful for an immediate task.

Reflective Journal

You don’t have to have one but I highly recommend you get one. After a long day, you will be stressed out and weak. However, keeping a journal is a great way to express and reflect on how your day was. Instead of yelling at the family for no reason, put it all on the journal. From time to time, you will feel uplifted about going home from work. There are different types of journals, Personal, Work, Student Life Journal. Also comes in different colours and styles.

Note Pad

You can not manage a busy schedule without Note pads. Note pads are very handy to collect important information as they come. For example, a phone number, email address, a person name. Anything really. A little scribble of important information goes a long way.


Pens, a person like who loves writing will feel useless without a pen. When I was in school, I swear down I must have lost over 1000’s of pens because I could ‘get another one’. However, that is not the guess. If you go anywhere without a pen, you will be seen as not organised. You might have everything else but without a pen, everything is pointless. I cannot tell you how many pens I have in my house. Whether you are a writer or not, you will definitely need a pen. One way or the other.

How to Manage a Busy Schedule


I personally use an alarm clock to wake up in the morning during the weekdays and use a diary to let me know what I have planned for that day. I check the day and time. If it’s an appointment, I will also write down the name of the doctor and the name of the hospital. That way, I can plan my day within the appointment time. Having a diary helped me a lot when I was a student. I kept me to stay on track as I check it every few hours, just to be aware or even make some changes to it as I get on with the day.

There’s 24 hours in a day, Plan your day Hourly.


If you are busy parent, like me, you will understand how it is important to plan your week ahead. You want to know how the coming week is going to be like, so you can prepare for it. This is where a weekly planner comes in handy. We have 4 weeks in a month, if we don’t plan it well, things will get messy.

There’s 4 weeks in a month, Plan your week Daily.


When you plan on a monthly schedule, it better you set a goal for each month. For example, I want to go on for 1 week in May 2020, and we are in February.  I have to plan out everything each month to make I can go on holiday with peace of mind. This can also be very useful if you have a big conference coming up in 6 months’ time of which you need to prepare for. In this case, you have to make sure all the little things are done and working towards the conference. That means all the little meetings, the little mishaps etc.

There’s 12 months in a Year, Plan your Month Weekly.


Planning an annual schedule is probably the hardest schedule you have to do. This is because no one knows what’s going to happen within a year. However, your schedule and set a goal and spilt up 12 months in half and make it a 6 months goal set. That way, you are getting things done and at the same time making space for any errors that may occur.

There’s only 1 year at a time, Plan your Year Monthly.

I hope you enjoy reading yet another over 1500 words post. I actually learnt a lot from it too. My advice to you is no matter how a busy you are, be sure to add family and friends and self-care in the plan.

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