Happy Mother’s Day 2019. Today was Mother’s day in the U.K. My daughter and I spend the day at my parent’s house. We had a blast. It’s always great to have some mummy’s cooked food. I bought my mum some flowers and a card. Mama bear and her little cubs were all together again. It was a great atmosphere, lots of Nigerian dish and bliss. I tried not to drink too much because I do not want to wake up with a hangover. There were lots of laughter, gossips and smiles. I appreciate the fact that my family and I could put our differences aside and come together to celebrate this special day and have fun. Times like this shows how important family is.

Dear Mums

I want you to know that you doing a great job. Whether you are single mums, married, surrogate, et.c you are superwomen. The things we go through is for the love of our kids, no one can ever understand. No other humans can compare. We took on a journey we have no idea where it leads to. We have cried silently and out loud. Through motherhood, we have been shamed and blamed. But still, we have given unconditional love and expected nothing back. We have been told that we are not good enough. Mothers pass through it all because we love our kids. There’s nothing we can not do for them.


My advice to all mums in the world is that we should all learn to be friends and support one another. Being a mum is not a competition, neither it is a race. We all go through the same morning sickness, 9 months of feeling fat and tired. We all go through the same labour pain while giving birth. There’s no need to judge or be cruel to each other. At the end of the day, we are humans raising kings and queens, prince and princess, policemen and policewomen, doctors and nurses, businessmen and businesswomen. The world needs us. Let’s look after ourselves and support each other. Together we can create a better future.

If you are in the U.K and celebrated Mother’s day, how did you spend your day?

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