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Finding Out About My Pregnancy

Finding Out About My Pregnancy. Hey Guys, welcome to another storytime. This post is about how I found out I was pregnant back in 2013. The pregnancy was a complete shock, well sort off, I knew something was happening but never thought I’d be pregnant. You guys should know the whole stages to get pregnant, right? The lovemaking, the body changes, mood swings, morning sickness, etc.

Surprise I’m Pregnant!!!

Well, for me, it was a little different. I just remember waking up with a sharp pain in my tummy which lasted for few mins. I thought it was weird and I have never had the feeling before, I thought maybe my period is coming because I’ve had an irregular period. However, I was not expecting it at that time.

A few days later, my friend and I went out for lunch. She looked at me and out of nowhere, said: ‘Sonia, I think you need to take a pregnancy test’. Then the debate started to whether or not I should take one. Eventually, I agreed. We went to a nearby store to buy a pregnancy test. At this point, I was freaking out as I actually could not believe I am buying a pregnancy test.

Finding Out About My Pregnancy: Longest 3 Minutes

So much thought of worry and excitement started flooding it. What if I am pregnant and what if it doesn’t work out with my partner? Should keep the pregnancy? How will my parents react? OMG my job, does this mean I will lose my job? It took me years and years to get a job, now I am going to lose it. We went to the restroom at the shopping mall, and I took the test. Guys, I couldn’t even look at it. I gave it to my friend and we waited, waited and waited. I swear, it was the longest 3 minutes of my entire life!!!

So obviously it was positive, and for a moment, all that worry disappeared and I started jumping up and down with joy at the news. My friend was excited for me too. I’m pregnant!! I am having a baby! aahhhhh.

Telling My Partner And Family

I couldn’t wait to tell my partner the news. I was excited because I knew he’d be happy with the news, but I was nervous too because we had only just started dating a couple of weeks ago, so we were still in the getting to know each other stage.

So on one hand, I’m super excited because we’ve briefly spoken about starting a family before, and the other hand, I’m worried because it was too soon and it would put our plans on hold. I mean, I was about to start college that year too. As you can see, there was a lot of mixed feelings about it.

Finding Out About My Pregnancy: My Partner’s Reaction

Anyway, I went home, called my partner, and asked him to come home. While I was waiting, I was trying to figure out how I am going to tell him. EastEnders was (still is) my no.1 soap to watch. So I started visualising like I am in a scene where I say, I’m pregnant, and then the ‘duff, duff, duff duff duff’ track plays at the end.

My partner finally came home, I tried so hard to keep my cool. I couldn’t wait to tell him, I ran up to him, and gave him a big hug when I was him.

He was surprised and asked:

‘What’s going on?’

I told him to sit down and I said:

‘I took a pregnancy test and I am pregnant!’

At the moment, I heard the ‘duff duff duff’ in my head.

His reaction was so cute – laughing, lifted me up, screaming of joy, lots and lots of kisses.

‘My baby is having my baby.’ he said.

I was scared at first but with his reaction, all the worries went out the window. It felt like I have found ‘the one’. We are actually going to be a family. I am about to start a family of my own. Nothing can top that.

We were so excited that we decided to tell our families the news that evening too. I called my parents, told them the news, they were shocked but happy too. My partner called his family, they gave us their blessings too.

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