February Recap

Hey everyone, so the end of February is here! Guess it’s time for another Recap! Is it just me or is the year moving fast? Can’t believe how fast the year is going. How is your new year resolution going? I hope you have not given up? Just be find something to inspire and motivate you to keep going. Anywho, how was your February?

Here’s how my February went:

  • My not-so-little girl turned 5!!
  • Host a party at home for my daughter
  • There were more snowfalls
  • Finally started my work placement for college
  • Had my interview for HNC at college
  • Joined 6 Affiliate Programs!!
  • We Hit 20K followers on Facebook

It has been a very emotional month for me, I am very grateful for your support. Let’s make March a Great Month. Remember we are in 2019! Work harder on your goals! See you all in March.

Check out Our February 2019 video on Youtube.


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