Family Christmas Gift Guides

Family Christmas Gifts Guide. Hello everyone, welcome to my family Christmas Gifts Guide Page. Christmas is here, and I know you are all shopping for presents for loved ones and family members. Honestly, I don’t know what I will get for the family this year. Luckily my family are not as fussed as I am about presents.

When it comes to Christmas Gifts, I always want them to be something simple, unique, and meaningful. Something you will use, not just to look at for a few days/months and then it goes to the bin! I also try to budget how many people deserve a present based on how much I can afford.

Well, it’s Christmas at the end of the day. So I suppose everyone deserves a gift from you. Not exactly, if you think about it correctly. If you are struggling and have to budget, there’s no need to buy a gift for a family member you have not seen or heard from in the last 12 months.

Things To Do Before You Start Christmas Shopping


Planning is essential when buying your gifts. It would help if you decided on a couple of things before shopping. The last thing you want is to be left broke and start the New Year empty-handed because you have spent all your money on gifts.

Grab your free Christmas Gifts Planner Here: Christmas Gift Planner

Here are a couple of things you need to do

  • Decide how many people you want to gift
  • Find out what each person’s interests are
  • Create a list
  • Set a Budget that you can stick to
  • Shop around your budget price

Questions to Ask yourself when shopping

  • Do They need this?
  • Will they like it as much as I do?
  • Will it bring some happiness in their life?
  • How will it impact their future?
  • Is this something that can be repurchased from shops when they need it?
  • Would I love it if this was given to me?
  • Why am I buying this present for a particular person?

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The Secrets Behind A Great Gift


Skin Care Products From The Body Shop®

The Body Shop® specialises in Cruelty-Free Skincare & Beauty products. They have anything from Soap to Fragrance. I use their product daily and saw results within just a few days. This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves skincare products that makes a difference. Check it out here.



Tips For Controlling Your Eating Over Christmas



FOR SMALLER CHILDREN (age three upwards)

Little Hands Learning

A great alternative to the usual plastic offerings that often end up in the bin before winter. Little Hands Learning boxes can be bought as a one-off or monthly subscription. They are inspired by the magic of books and designed to allow the recipient to develop a love of reading. Each box includes a colourful book and everything needed for fun, hands-on activities, all linked to that book. This makes it easy for adults to set up an active play and allows children to learn while bringing the book to life.

Little Hands Learning boxes are eco-friendly and provide teacher-designed activities that children can share with parents, grandparents and other favourite grown-ups.

Prices start at £21





BrainySpinach Math

Of course, you won’t give a child a math lesson for Christmas, but with BrainySpinach Math, this is learning as far removed from being a math lesson as you can get!

The math games, from beginner to advanced, are available on the hugely popular Roblox, with additional tutor support also offered. Parents and children can dip in and out or sign up for a five-week camp. The outcomes for each lesson are clearly described, as is the age-range suitability. Each game is designed to fit with national curriculum goals, has inbuilt safety protocols and has full ‘actual human’ support, all while letting your child feel they are gaming.


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A Single Mum Special Christmas



Hayaty Natural

A new vegan skincare brand inspired by the wisdom of Ancient Egyptian beauty formulas. Using organic, 100% natural, cruelty-free ingredients sourced from local communities in Egypt and Italy, Hayaty Natural aims to take self-care beyond simply looking good.

Hayaty Natural is genderless, meaning your loved one can pamper him or herself like a Pharoah or queen in ancient Egypt.

Prices start at £59.99






Hill & Ellis


Quality, stylish cycle bags created to transition perfectly from home to bike to boardroom to bar. They are functional, fashionable and hard-wearing. There’s plenty of space inside for a laptop and other essentials.

And, if your cycling loved one rides a Brompton bike, Hill & Ellis has just launched a new rucksack/tote range explicitly designed for that model, which is made in coated water-repellent canvas and comes with a waterproof nylon cover for extra rain protection.



Relax and Reflect with LSM Mind Cards

These are perfect for those who have a rough year and need to take a break during the week. Sometimes a positive message is required to have a great start to the day. I know I will love to wake up to something that motivates me to get on with my day. Check it out here.