Best Things to Do in Dubai

Best Things To Do In Dubai. Hey everyone, I hope you are well. Allow me to introduce my first guest post—the best things to do in Dubai by Neha Singh. I was very excited when Neha reached out to me regarding a guest post opportiunity. As part of growing my blog, I am always open to guest posting opportunities. Then she mentioned Dubai – Y’all should have seen my face!! I’ve never been to Dubai, but it is a dream to visit one day. This article got me excited, do you all understand what I’m saying? I don’t need to go to Dubai anymore. Dubai came to me.

Let me not get too carried away. I know you all will love this.

The floor is yours Neha.

Best Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai has been smashing records with its extraordinary engineering and futuristic vision. It’s hard not to admire the daring verve and ambition of Dubai — the sky-piercing architecture, mind-blowing innovations, city-sized malls, world-class theme parks, desert safaris and luxurious hotels with aquarium-walled suites. It has things that you won’t believe; riches of the rich belong here, police travel in Lamborghini, and you can ski both in the snow and desert. The place keeps getting fabulous and fantastic every year and steps higher on the bucket list.

In the paradise of a wealth of unique attractions, here we have handpicked the best things to do in Dubai:

See the sunset from Burj Khalifa.

Stare in wonder at the sweeping panoramic views of the sunset, the gorgeous skyline, the Arabian desert and the Persian Gulf from the observation deck on 148th floor of the world’s tallest building. Burj Khalifa makes sightseeing unbelievable. It has a powered telescope which brings landmarks even closer. Its 163 feet are clad in 28,000 glass panels, which is a marvel from below. Heading to the top is a jaw-dropping jaunt in the fastest double-deck elevator. Eat at multiple restaurants, walk over the unique glass-twisted floor, and lounge while sipping the famous tea. Make sure you bring your camera to capture the unparalleled sight.

Shop, swim and slurp at Dubai Mall.

Dubai is a top retail haunt with the world’s largest malls here. One out of the two famous shopping havens, Dubai Mall has assorted the most reputed brands from across the globe under one roof. Be it fashion and beauty or furnishings and electronics, and this venue is more than just mere collections of stores. Head towards the giant Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo features 33,000 marine animals in a 10-million litre tank, a 270-degree walkthrough tunnel, and first-of-its-kind underwater experiences. One of the groundbreaking things to do in Dubai is to swim and snorkel with sharks and fishes. Other highlights include unique VR Parks, Hysteria, Waterfall, Dubai Dino and plenty of restaurants to try your favourite cuisine.

Skydive over the Palm Jumeirah

Sure, skydiving isn’t such an out-of-the-box thing. You can do it at many places, but not all would offer an incredible view of the world’s largest human-made islands and lofty skyscrapers. Alternatively, you can choose to land on the golden expanse of the desert. You will be jumping out of the plane, fastened with a seasoned instructor, and plunge at 120 miles per hour. Feel like a free bird and shout like a child.


Ski-in the indoor ski resort

Dubai is a hot city with relentless sunshine throughout the year. And it is impossible even to witness snow. However, the city has got a surprise for you in the form of an indoor ski resort, one of the world’s largest snow parks. Ski Dubai has a range of polar activities from snowboarding and skiing to ziplining and chairlift riding. Imitating a snow-covered city, here kids can bump into penguins, watch their shows, and build a snowman. Catch your breath with a sip of hot chocolate.

Explore the multicultural festival park, Global Village

It takes a village to make your holiday complete. Touted as the world’s most significant tourism, leisure, shopping and entertainment project, Global Village combines cultures from over 90 countries in kiosks. You would be tasting the local foods and buying the products of different nations without crossing the border. It celebrates unity in diversity, with fireworks, street parades, and spectacular stage performances. Join the countless games and thrilling activities, take pictures against the famous backdrop of London’s Big Ben, and dance in the star-studded concerts.

Visit Dubai Frame

Said to be the largest picture frame in the world, this structure has been turning heads around. Rising from Zabeel Park, this Instagram-worthy structure is nearly 500 feet tall, representing the New and Old Dubai’s symbolic connection. It is stunning how you can stand on its glass-floor walkway (located at the 93-meter-long viewing bridge), and spectate the ancient, preserved heritage at North and the modern, glitzy side South. While arriving on the mezzanine floor, you will witness arts and visuals related to the small fishing village’s exciting history. While exiting, the neon tunnel will introduce you to Dubai in the next 50 years.

Browse the buzzing Dubai souks

Elegant gold jewellery, aromatic spices, traditional perfumes, unique souvenirs, and handmade fabrics — you’ll find it all in the vibrant Dubai souks. It is an Arabian marketplace with hundreds of retails dotting the labyrinth of walkways. It has the largest gold souk available at cheap and bargaining rates. The souks give you the thrill of haggling some fantastic products like fine silk, exotic ouds, and special memento.

Opt for a desert safari

Desert Safari Dubai is an exhilarating activity to fuel your adventurous side. It’s not every day that you get to ride the camels, bash the dunes in an SUV, ski in the sand or ride an off-road bike. Be it rising high in the hot air balloon and gaze down at the endless dunes, or watching the rare wildlife and the picturesque sunset— the safari is an experience you have to do to believe it. The latter includes camping, catching live shows, smoking shisha, and eating the most palatable Arabic buffet.

Sunbathe at Kite Beach

Dubai’s best strip of public sand, Kite Beach is the perfect destination for sun-seekers and water sport enthusiasts. You can lounge on the recliners and bask in the sun. Enjoy the lively shoreline lined with food trucks and stores. If you want to test your core strength and sports skills, rent the best equipment and go kite-surfing or paddleboarding. Join a beach volleyball game, grab a beach bite, or take a run around the soft running track.

Spend a day at IMG Worlds of Adventure

The world’s most significant indoor theme and amusement park in Dubai IMG have four epic, adventurous zones. Dedicated to Marvel and Cartoon Character, this 1.5 million square foot of the playground has action-packed rides. Test your courage at the roaring of the dinosaurs in the Lost Valley and feel the chills in your spine at The Haunted Hotel. In a nutshell, get ready for a spook and stimulation at this exciting amusement park. Take a break to watch movies at Novo cinemas; dine and shop at IMG Boulevard.


Sail across Dubai Creek

Head to the older side of the city and embrace Dubai’s past as you glide along the calm creek. In historical times, when the technologically advanced and innovative city was a pearl trading hub, this harbour was an important medium during the trade business. It bloomed as the lifeblood of the economy. Today, Old Dubai still preserves the heritage, homes with brown doors and wind towers, banks and museums. To explore this, you can hop the Abras that cross the water every minute or so and will cost you just 1 Dirham. The royal way to do this is book a two-floored dhow cruise which is embellished and organises a buffet and shows.


After the lockdown was released, Dubai was one of the first cities to welcome tourists in its complete safe environment. Endless surprises await here — tick off these attractions, and you will have a splendid time.

I want to thank Neha for this exciting post. Like when it is safe to go on holiday, we are taking a trip to Dubai. I don’t know about you all, but I will work hard and take my family to Dubai.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

Talk soon

Neha is a travel blogger who enjoys travelling, meeting new people and learning about the local culture and food. She is always looking forward to visiting new places and likes to play tennis in her spare time.



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