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Are You Getting In The Way?

Are you getting in the way? Hey everyone, I hope you are well. Welcome to Blogtober 2020, Day five. Wow, I’m getting into this everyday blogging lifestyle. I hope you are enjoying the previous blog posts in the past four days. Check out my last post, Declutter your 18 Month Wardrobe. Have five days gone already? I’m enjoying waking up to a new day and picking a card. It’s been enjoyable and its something I see myself doing this every morning.

It is a great way to start your day with a positive mindset. Have checked them out yet? Let me know what you think of them.

What I love about these cards is they are minimal and lightweight. There are no rules of what time of the day you should select a menu. I prefer to take me in the morning because it is a great way to start the day with a positive mindset. I believe that is what we all need right now at this stage.

Today’s LSW Mind Cards is Reflection.

Are You Getting in the way?

We are getting out of our dynamic mode and into our heart occasionally. I’m confident that many of us would find at least one moment during our day where we could pause, reflect on a situation, and see something that we can do to make a difference in someone else’s life.

The pace of life and work has increased a lot, and I daresay we don’t give as much thought as we could to the circumstances of other people’s lives. Sometimes, we’re so caught up in our struggle that we don’t think we can even afford the time to “give” our time, suggestions, talents, to others. And yet, if we do, we are rewarded.

We are frequently, throughout our lives, able to experience richness, synchronicity, and reward through small acts of generosity. This isn’t even about money, although sometimes the tips will impact our financial status as well. And yet, we fail too often when we are so self-absorbed or consumed by our situation thinking we’d give up too much by helping.

So, this is just a gentle reminder for all of us to pay attention to at least one “little thing” that will make a difference for someone else. Try to make it for someone you don’t know well or don’t know at all; family and friends are too easy and natural.


Due to Covid-19, I recently lost my dream job, all my plans had been cancelled, and basically, everything I have worked hard for has been cancelled.

I have three choices:

I can stay angry, watch the news and panic every single day. Or I can try to make the best of it and stay safe. Or I can start to think positive and make new plans for the future. I believe everything happens for a reason.

With the way life is now, nothing is for sure anymore. The only thing we can all do in this situation is still looked after ourselves and pray for the future.  We will get through this, and when we do, we will have stories to tell our future family.

I hope you enjoy this post.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. This is absolutely true maybe this the opportunity to create the next generation of your dream job, but instead of working for someone you can create it and be in the driver’s seat this time. One thing I have learned the creators never lose their jobs… they make them 😉

  2. Digitaldaybook says:

    Been loving your recent posts for blogtober!

  3. These are such good reminders girl!

  4. Positive thoughts and positive vibes for me. It never hurts to show kindness to other people.

  5. Karletta says:

    “pay attention to at least one “little thing” that will make a difference for someone else” … what a lovely sentiment. And I like your thought about paying attention to how we react to what happens to us. I was interested to know what your dream job was?

  6. Such a good reminder that we have control over our reactions to things, we don’t have to follow the swell of emotion that comes from things. Pause, step back and reflect!

  7. Generous to others is beneficial to ourselves more than to others as we feel good about ourselves. Give before taking. Feel abundance will receive prosperity. And the quote is inspiring. It’s true. We give the meaning for whatever happens to us.

  8. Having a positive mindset makes all the difference, it builds resilience and helps us get back up time after time and keep going. Thanks for this encouraging post!

  9. Sometimes we can let unforeseen circumstances get in the way of succeeding. We have to remember to get up, dust ourselves off, and get back to it!

  10. I like to give people compliments and smile every day to others because you never know what someone is going through. It is so important that we do our best to share whatever we can to others in this trying times xxx

  11. My favorite quote right there… so true, it’s the little things that make a difference

  12. Such a powerful quote. I agree—it’s how we react that reveals our character and allows us to move forward successfully. Thank you for being so open about your work experience.

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