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A New Chapter Reinvention

A New Chapter Reinvention. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. Welcome to Blogtober 2020, day two. I decided to switch things up this year. You would agree with me when I say this year has been ‘scary’ enough. In today’s post, I am going to follow the instructions on my LSW Mind Cards for Journal. It reads:

What would you this chapter of your life be titled?

And yes you guessed it – Reinvention.

A New Chapter Reinvention

Yes, that’s right. A new chapter. Enough of dwelling and moaning about losing my job. Due to circumstance, I have had to cancel my trip to ‘New Life’ in Nigeria. I was sad about it, but such is life. Everything is just all over the place with a lot of confusion over the COVID-19.

So, I have decided to start a new chapter in life called Reinvention.

I feel it is essential to keep reinventing yourself as it will not only help you with your personal growth but also help you overcome challenges and start again.

Here comes a time that I realized that I have been chasing a dream that was not meant for me. That’s probably why things did not go well. For so many years, I wanted to work in an office, so I spent so many years and money, and energy chasing that dream, only to end work for seven months. It broke my heart. What now for me? What should I do?

This is why I am reinventing on myself. Focus on something new—a new dream. I am no more an employee. I’ve decided to pursue another dream – start and run my own company. It’s not too late. It is never late to start again. I may not know much, but one thing I do know is that it’s never too late.

I hope you enjoyed that.

See you tomorrow. Don’t forget to Check out LSW Mind Cards.

Talk soon.

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