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7 Unique Ways To Make Someone Smile

7 Unique Ways To Make Someone Smile. Hey Guys, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing 7 unique ways to make someone smile. I am sure you have someone going through something, especially with everything that is going on. A smile can go a long way in someone’s life.

Do you want to put a smile on someone’s face?  Maybe make their day a little bit brighter?

It doesn’t have to take much time or money on your part. Many things can be done as a part of your normal routine and cost little or nothing.  You won’t know how many people are encouraged by your kindness because smiles are contagious.

Try out one or more of these 7 ways today to put smiles on their faces.

7 Unique Ways To Make Someone Smile

Write an encouraging note to others that have encouraged you or that need encouragement

Handwritten notes that are given to encourage, not just for thanking someone for a gift, are rare. That makes handwritten notes even more special. Start a new practice of sitting down and writing an encouraging note regularly. You just might start an epidemic!

Take a friend out to lunch or invite her to your home for a meal

You will get to know each other even better than you do right now. If you feel like being more adventurous, throw a party for several of your friends and put smiles on a multitude of faces.

Give someone an inspirational book to read

You will feel good doing it, reading the book will change the person, and they will think of you every time they read it.

Ask a friend or relative if you can take care of their kid(s) for a day or evening

If you have been a parent, you know the value of being able to have a few hours of “adult time” without worrying about the children. Do not wait to be asked to babysit when it is required. Offer to do it at a time when the parent can do something fun and relaxing.

Remember A Smile Can Go A Long Way

Deliver a meal to someone you know that is sick or having a rough time

We have all been sick and know the last thing you want to do is be out of bed. There are also times when life is tough and it is hard to do all of the daily chores. You can be a tremendous help by providing a meal that can be enjoyed.

Volunteer time to supporting your local church or charity

Every minute you dedicate to a church or charity will cause many smiles. You will put a smile on the face of each leader just for helping without being asked.  You will also be putting smiles on the faces of those that are being helped through the organization.

Thank everyone that supports you throughout the day

The list of those that you come in contact with is endless. Remember family and friends, secretaries, co-workers, teachers, Sunday school teachers, pastors, store employees, janitors, gas station attendants, those that deliver your mail and newspaper, and servers at restaurants.

I know this is a list of 7 ways to put a smile on someone’s face, but there is one more way that can’t be ignored. Reveal a genuine smile to everyone you meet. You will experience how easy it is to get others to smile!

I hope you enjoy that post everyone.

And I hope I made you smile.

Oh and 1 More Thing…

We are in May guys!! Do you know what’s special about May? It’s my birth month!! And this year I hit a milestone. That’s right guys, I will be the big 3-0 on my birthday, in 20 days. Yes, that’s right. Your girl is turning 30. I am so excited because to celebrate, I will be posting a new blog post every day in May. Mainly on my Reflection Category,  where I will be sharing different stories and topics that lead me to the woman I am today.

I need some Lockdown, Quarantine Birthday Ideas. If you have any suggestions, comment down below.

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  • Erica (The Prepping Wife)

    A smile can change someone’s day completely, which is more important than ever right now. I like these tips because they are free to do. It costs us nothing to just be nice and kind to others and hopefully improve their day.

  • Ivana Mearns

    That’s a great idea to give someone an inspiration book to read, I must have quite around nobody has read in a while, it is such a great idea to share them with others, thanks.

  • Tracy @ Cleland Clan

    It doesn’t take much effort to make someone smile, but we often just don’t take the time. The benefit is two-fold. When you make someone else smile, you also get a dose of those positive vibes.
    Happy birthday! I’ll look forward to seeing your every day posts this month.

  • jerry godinho

    congrats on the big 30. age is a number. keep the mind young. This week i was focusing on being grateful and loved your post about making others smile. We get so much pleasure from giving, from loving unconditionally, from making other people’s day. Thanks for this simple but powerful message and much needed right now.

  • Kat

    I love your tips, it’s important to do something for others at the moment. It’s not only wonderful for the other person, but takes our minds off our own troubles at the same time. I volunteer to visit an old lady in regular times, but now we do catch-up phone calls and I deliver her food every week, since she has no family to do so.
    Also, a thoughtful book is my favourite gift to receive from others.

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