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5 Things That Make Me Happy

5 things that make me happy. Hey everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I am going to share with you 5 things that make me happy.  We all have our own individual things that make us happy. It could be material things, it could be doing things for other people and expect nothing in return, or it could just be within you.

5 Things That Make Me Happy


I never really valued family until I had my daughter. Family is very important and should be no. 1 priority. Now, I understand there are some families who just ‘don’t get along’ however no matter how far you go or what you do to separate from them, there is a strong bond that will always draw you back. It could be a childhood memory, the time a family member supported you during hard times, or just make you laugh so hard that you start crying or even that beautiful smile your grandma had. Without family, you belong nowhere. Life is hard and short, as well as it is precious. You need your family.


Trust me there is nothing better than having peace in your life. Once upon a time, my whole life was filled with so much negative energy surrounding me. There were a lot of blaming, complaining, arguments etc. I thought there was no way out. Sometimes at night, I could not sleep because of the echos of voices in my head, over and over again. Looking back to childhood dreams and anything that represented me for who I am was my way of finding peace. Finding peace is hard but when you finally find it – ain’t a no better feeling.

Surrounding Myself With Positive People

I have learnt that you do not have to have ‘friends’. Sometimes it’s better not to have an emotional connection with ‘strangers’ and then call them your friends. Sometimes it’s better to have a group of people from different activities and share the same interest with you (or not the same interest)and not have a connection with them. At the end of the day, these people have their own life to live. Sometimes a phone call that lasts 10 mins just to check up on you and make you smile and laugh is better than an hour-long call with different emotions involved.


I don’t know about you but I dream all the time. I could sit on the sofa and pretend that I am watching the t.v but my mind is busy in a different world. Sometimes I could be watching a show or reading a book and imagine myself in it. We all have different dreams. Some sad, some joyful, some romantic. It does not matter what you dream about, as long as you can place it into your life and make it come true. If it’s a sad dream, you will find a way to prevent it from coming true. However, do not worry if you can not prevent it as it could mean you are expecting it. Dreaming helps keep the brain healthy. It also helps create a clear picture of where are you and what to do next.


I love to travel when I can. If I could travel the world for free and feel safe, I will be the happiest human being alive. Sadly the truth is nothing comes free (except love). Everything else comes with a price. However, with proper planning, and savings anything possible. I have travelled to many cities in the U.K but never gone further than my motherland – Nigeria.

Travelling makes you count your blessings, see things from a different preservative and also helps you recharge.

What makes you happy?

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