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5 things I am grateful for. Hey guys, I hope you well. In today post, I will be sharing 5 things I am grateful for. The reason I want to share this topic is that I have seen so much growth and many difference in my personal development over the past couple of years. As you know by now, I am a single mum of a soon to be 5 years old princess. And the journey has been challenging yet rewarding.

5 Things I Am Grateful For


Earlier this year, I was at the almost high end of my life. I was working part-time, I was rounding up my Intro level at college, I was also on a work placement which was a part of my course. I did all that as well as being a mum to my daughter. Up until the summer holidays, everything ended. I lost my job, the college was done for the summer holidays, my placement had ended. It was like I was back to square one of doing nothing in my life. Yes, it was hard to deal with, but I successfully pulled through, and now here I am back in college, working as a blogger and about to start another work placement soon.


For the first time in my life, I have stability. I am in a place in my life where I am in control of my life and I know where I want to be and I know where I am going. Part of my new year resolution was to learn how to cook more, get a gym membership, start a lifestyle blog and successfully progress through college. I did everything on the list and that is because I have stability in my life.


Nothing beats the power of peace in your life. When there is peace in your life, you could see things in a clear picture. This year I had peace and it felt amazing. I also learnt so much about myself and did things I did not know I was capable of. My life has changed dramatically, my mindset and everything surrounding me brought nothing but joy, love and laughter to my life. The feeling was amazing. Peace is everything.


I know I can take all the credit and say I did everything all myself, yes I did however, I feel I would not have completed it without the support I had from close ones.


Ever since I became a mother, a family has been my No. priority. We all have our difficulties through family drama. We fight, love each other then we fight again, it just goes round in circles but we still family. However, as a single mum, you wouldn’t want your child to grow up all alone. With that being said, I have never felt as connected as I am with my family. I would love to grow my family one day.

I know it was a short post. However, it is always good to reflect on what you have and be grateful for it. Rather than worrying about the things you do not have.

Talk soon

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