5 Habits You Must Stop In 2020

5 Habits you must stop in 2020. Hey guys, welcome to another post. We are about to enter a new decade BABY!! 2020 is literally 2 days and in this post, I want to share with you 5 habits that you must stop in 2020. Whatever it is you are have been doing in the last decade, must stop if you want 2020 to be the best year for you.

5 Habits You Must Stop In 2020


Yes I know, everyone is going to be super busy in the next 6 months or so, getting ready for summer 2020. However, you must remember about self-care. I cannot stress enough how important Self-Care to everyone, particularly as single mothers. Read All About Self-Care if you want to know more.


Right so, this one I am guilty of. And I am planning on working on it. You should too because it’s not healthy. There is alot going on, and it is very important to sleep as it helps your brain and body to function well. This includes waking up on alarm. When the alarm goes off, I always say I’ll sleep for 5 more minutes, I go to bed and it rings again, and then I sleep for 5 more minutes. The next thing you know an hour has gone by. This has to stop.


I’m sorry but overthinking has to stop in the new decade. If you can not solve the issue, there’s no point stressing yourself about it. Learn to make quick decisions and get on with it in 2020.

Less Talk More Action

If you have spent the past decade talking too much about stuff you want to do, or what your future plans are and you have not made a move on it yet, this must stop in 2020. I wrote Top 5 tips to Motivate Yourself to help you get started. I believe most of us are waiting for someone to say, ‘Right this what we are going to do and this is how we are doing it’. Well, let this not be the case in 2020.

Negative Self-Talk

My grandma once warned me to watch what I say about myself or about anything. Your tongue is very powerful. Whatever you say may come true. At first, I did not take a word in. Until I started talking positive things about myself to myself then my confidence grew. It doesn’t matter what everyone else says or thinks about you, the problem is what do you think about yourself.

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  1. If you decided to stop something, just do it… Because it is your desire and you have to comply with it perfectly. Wrong habits should be avoided!

  2. I am the queen of overthinking! I have a crown to prove it too. Not really, but it is something I’m waaaaaay too good at and need to stop. It isn’t even overthinking about big things. Every time I catch myself doing it, it seems to be over something seriously trivial and ridiculous. That is definitely the big habit that I need to break.

  3. Kelly Martin says:

    This is a great list of habits to get rid of in 2020. I’m always looking for ways to improve. The one I need to work on the most is overthinking.

  4. What a great post! 2020 really is the year to be more positive and self-caring. We need to care more about ourselves to be able to evolve be more strong and take care of our loved ones too! thanks for sharing!

  5. Overthinking or not letting go of thoughts that come to my mind once I have gone to bed is something I have to improve on consciously. It leaves me with less sleep and the need therefore to get up a little late.

  6. Our society thrives on ‘being busy’ and it has become a status symbol and the end result is burnout. I like your points of self care. Sleep is the best thing you can do for yourself as it really helps overall. Thanks for writing this and reminding us and no negativity. Jerry Godinho

  7. I’m going to be honest, lack of sleep is also a BIG one for me. I have a bad habit of prioritizing other things over my sleep which I do recognize is not the wisest choice. One of my big goals in 2020 is to start making time for a good night’s sleep… at least most nights lol

  8. Absolutely! I can’t function without a good night of sleep and that means 8 hours uninterrupted please and thank you, baby Jesus! haha I love the list, lack of self-care get easily get anyone burnout and feeling miserable!

  9. overthinking – I somehow got very good at that, I guess I really have to work out how to break the habit. Thanks for all your advice – very helpful !!!

  10. I need to prioritize sleep, that’s really the only one on this list that I’m guilty of. Typically I get too invested into what I’m doing and I stay up late.

  11. I love this. Each of your points is so important. Overthinking!! I am terrible for doing that.

  12. I’m also guilty of hitting that snooze button! I’m constantly saying “10 more minutes….10 more minutes…” and before you know it you are crawling out of bed an hour later! I need to make the effort to get up when my alarm rings – I end up being mad at myself because you can do so much in that hour and at the end of the day, did I really get that much more sleep in?!

    Wishing you a positive, happy and productive 2020! 🙂

  13. Lindsay Brown says:

    I’m so guilty of allllll of these things! But, as the saying goes, New Year New Me! Self improvement is so important and these are great tips on how to get started on a self improvement journey! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  14. I think my biggest issue is overthinking things. Really, it is ruining my life! I catch myself often and then ask myself, “Is thinking about this now going to make it better or change anything?” Then when I answer the question, which is a resounding, NO, I stop thinking about it. But it takes practice because usually, the thought comes back again.

  15. Sleep is so important but so many people don’t get enough. It can be difficult for sure when you have children but also becomes more difficult as you get older. When I hit 40 I started to find myself having a harder and harder time falling asleep and staying asleep. Exercise and taking care of yourself helps to a degree as does proper eating. Great tips.

  16. These are all great things to work on in the new year. It is nice to keep up with healthier habits.

  17. YAS!! GREAT LIST. I want to share this!! These are so true!

  18. Yes! Preach it! These are so simple and yet huge issues for women… especially the lack of self-care and the overthinking… thank you for the great reminders.

  19. I am definitely guilty of overthinking and my overthinking leads to lack of sleep!

  20. Yes! or should I say No to all of these! Definitely the lack of sleep and self care…I need to put myself first a little bit more in the new year.

  21. great article! Encouraging information. thank you

  22. You hit the nail on the head with all 5 things. Overthinking is a big one for me. It’s something I work on constantly. I know that I struggle with getting hung up on details so I have to reel myself in and realize that things don’t have to be perfect, then accept when they are good enough!

  23. I lack on sleep a lot! Busy mama

    1. Now I seriously need to work on a good amount of sleep. I feel terrible when I lack sleep which leads to being irritated. Working on that this year.

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