5 Big Breasts Struggles

5 Big Breasts Struggles. Hey Guys, I hope you are well. In today’s posts, I will be sharing 5 Big Breasts Struggles. I have been blessed with big natural breasts, and I love them so much. However, having big breasts can be a pain sometimes. Things are not as easy as it seems – as a matter of fact, nothing is easy!

5 Big Breasts Struggles

Bra Shopping

I personally hate bra shopping. It is nerve-racking enough for you to take off your bra in front of a stranger in the changing room. But to go through 10 or more rounds of trying on different bras just to get one, just one that you can manage – it can be physically and emotionally exhausting.

Extra Space

Having big boobs increase your ‘personal space’. When you are on public transportation e.g, bus, train, notice that people will ‘accidentally’ lean toward your boobs while getting out of the bus. Or when you are sitting at the dinner table and, sometimes your boobs will end up on the table because there isn’t enough space. How embarrassing will that be while you are on a date?

Nothing Fits Right

I always have a problem when it comes to clothes shopping. Dresses, tops, even jackets. When you go shopping, you see a dress you like, it’s your perfect size UK 12. You try it on, what happens? It doesn’t fit on your boobs or makes your boobs like nice. Some cases you can’t get it on or take it off even because your boobs are in the way.

Back Pain

Growing up, I was told that having big boobs gives you back pain. I disagreed. Guys, the pain is real!! Big boobs are heavy so therefore it affects your back when your either sitting down, your back hurts, walking your back hurts, standing kills. You really can’t win! There are ways to prevent back pain though, for example, sitting upright, standing straight etc.

Under Breasts Sweat

This happens when you do not wear a bra, (sometimes with a bra too). Under breasts sweat is very uncomfortable, they are sticky and worse off all stain your top or dress. I really don’t like it. After a long day at work or uni, it is a relieve to take your bra off, but then your boobs are dripping of sweat. It is really annoying.

Last but not least- Harassment

The level of harassment you get from both men and women against your breasts, it’s really disgusting. I use to walk around feeling ashamed of my breasts, wishing they were smaller and sits up perfectly. It’s really hard to deal with let alone being harassed.

Ladies, your breasts are blessings. Whatever size they are, you just got to love them. They are yours and yours only. If you don’t love them, who will?

I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk soon

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