2018 – To The Left, To The Left

In this post, I want to share things I shall not carry on in 2019.

Negative Energy

By negative energy, I mean anything that effects your happiness, anything that may give you sleepless night etc. In 2018, I tried as much as possible to stay away from drama, from heart-breaks etc, but somehow they just keep catching up with me. I guess it’s part life. What I learnt from it though, is that it doesn’t stay around forever unless you let it. So when something happens, and it’s my fault, I try to understand what happened and why it upset people and then I apologise and walk away. If something happens, and it’s not my fault, I make sure I address it and walk away.

I have seen so much growth in myself in 2018. Having a conversation about something that bothers me has always been difficult but this year I put my foot down and speak out. Gosh, it felt so good as it allows me to sleep well at night and wake up feeling proud of myself. At this point in my life, nothing is important to me more than a peace of my mind. I have prioritised my life to stay focus on things that matter to me the most – and this my daughter, a healthy lifestyle, education and creating a better future for my daughter and me.

In general, 2018 has not been bad at all. Life becomes easier when you know what you want and let go of things that bothers you. As you grow up, you will realise that only the little things matter the most, and you learn to appreciate it. Going to bed with a peace of mind, waking up in the morning excited for the day ahead is always the best.

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